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Thomas E. Jenkins,
JenTech Inc.

Tom Jenkins is a successful entrepreneur.  He co-founded Energy Strategies Corporation (ESCOR) in 1984. Dresser Roots, a blower and compressor manufacturing company, purchased ESCOR in 2007. He was the Chief Design Engineer at Dresser Roots Wastewater Solutions Group (now part of GE Energy) until June 2010.

As the owner and President of JenTech Inc. Tom now provides consulting services to the wastewater treatment industry. This includes design an analysis of control systems, aeration systems, energy conservation measures, blower systems, and equipment design. While specializing in aeration and aeration controls, his services cover related wastewater process control and treatment systems such as DO control, piping system design and blower control systems. He experience includes the design and implementation of PLC, SCADA, and telemetry systems.Tom is a member of the ASME committee developing PTC 13, “Wire-To-Air Performance Test Code for Blower Systems.”

Tom is an Adjunct Professor (Professor of Practice) at University of Wisconsin-Madison and teaches water and wastewater treatment for the Department of Engineering Professional Development.

In addition to his technical background, Tom has extensive experience with sales and marketing in the wastewater treatment industry.

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