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Thomas E. Jenkins, P.E.
President, JenTech Inc.
Summary: Forty years of experience covering all phases of product and control system design in a variety of industries
Education: B.S.M.E. Marquette University
Registered Professional Engineer, Wisconsin
Experience: Founder, JenTech Inc.
Designer, consultant and equipment manufacturer in the wastewater treatment field
Instructor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Department of Engineering Professional Development and Adjunct Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Over thirty years experience in wastewater treatment, including process evaluation, control systems,aeration systems, energy conservation, blower systems, and mechanical equipment design

Mechanical design experience includes structural analysis and power transmission systems for construction equipment, RBCs, flocculators, and rectangular clarifiers

Piping system design experience includes wastewater pumping stations and aeration system piping

Performed field start-up and testing of energy conservation and automatic process control systems in wastewater treatment plants worldwide, including aeration systems and blower controls

Co-founded Energy Strategies Corporation (ESCOR) in 1984, which became the Dresser Roots Wastewater Solutions Group in 2007

Pioneered the use of Variable Frequency Drive with centrifugal blowers in aeration systems

Developed and commercialized several proprietary aeration system and blower control algorithms with over 200 DO control systems operating worldwide

Blower controls include positive displacement, multi-stage centrifugal blowers, and single stage
centrifugal blowers

Experienced in designing, programming, and field troubleshooting of PLC, SCADA, and radio telemetry systems

Designed pump stations, performed pump selection and energy evaluation, designed and commissioned pump control systems

Holds several patents in the wastewater treatment field

1987 Governor's Energy Award for Energy Innovation (Honorable Mention) for process control and energy management system at Saukville, WI.

Chairman WEFTEC ’13 Workshop W01 “No-Nonsense Data: Wire-to-Air Blower Power” PTC-13 Applications
Member ASME Committee Developing PTC-13 “Wire-To-Air Performance Test Code for Blower Systems”
Member WEF Municipal Resource Recovery Design Committee
Chapter Author, WEF Energy Conservation in Water and Wastewater Facilities MOP 32
Peer Reviewer, EPA Evaluation of Energy Conservation Measurers for Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Author of multiple papers presented at WEFTEC and multiple articles in the wastewater treatment field
Co-presenter at WEFTEC pre-conference workshops on energy conservation
Affiliations: Member Central States, Water Environment Federation (WEF)