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Services Offered

Witnessing Blower Performance Testing and Reporting 
per ASME PTC 9, ASME PTC 10, and ASME PTC 13 
(American Society of Mechanical Engineers Performance Test Code)

other services offered include

Water and Wastewater Energy Conservation
  •  On-Site Energy Surveys
  •  Energy Cost Analysis
  •  Process Analysis
  •  Aeration Control Evaluation
  •  Energy Optimization
  •  Blower Evaluation
  •  Alternate Technology Evaluation
  •  Field Troubleshooting
  •  Cost Effectiveness Calculations
  •  Value Engineering
  •  Technical Specifications
Process Equipment Mechanical Design
  •  Piping Systems
  •  Pressure Drop and Flow Calculations
  •  Test Facility Design

Water and Wastewater Control 
System Design

  •  Aeration and DO Control
  •  Pump Station Controls
  •  DO Control
  •  Blower Control
  •  Process Controls

It is often difficult to bridge the gap between theory and practice. For a project to be successful, though, that is exactly what is required. Theoretical engineering analysis must be combined with “real world” considerations. There is no substitute for hands-on experience to anticipate problems and eliminate them in the design stage of a project. 

As president of JenTech Inc., I have made the combination of theory and real world experience the company’s fundamental engineering philosophy. I combine expert analysis and field experience into efficient, cost effective, and workable systems. I use creative engineering and practical experience to develop solutions. I use analysis to validate the function and cost effectiveness of the design. I consult with operators to verify that the technology appropriately addresses their needs. Finally, I work with the manufacturers, contractors, and operators to implement the solution and put it into successful operation. 

JenTech has unique expertise in designing and implementing energy conservation for aeration and blower systems. Aeration is an energy intensive process, critical to plant performance, and very difficult to control. The technology developed by JenTech has been proven to optimize process performance while reducing energy consumption. 

Thomas E. Jenkins, P.E.
President and Founder of JenTech Inc.

Precise Blower
DO Accuracy – 
SBR Startup
to Achieving Setpoint