Member of the North American Feis Commission

NAFC President
Lori Seeman

Member of An Coimisiún
Le Rince Gaelacha
Dublin, Ireland

Syllabus in compliance as required by IDTAMA, IDTANA, & NAFC.

15th Annual
Sponsored by the Trinity Booster Club in association with the
Trinity Academy of Irish Dance
Honorary Co-Chairs:
Peggy Roche-Boyle, ADCRG
Mark Howard, TCRG
Natalie Howard, TCRG

Welcome to the 2016 Chicago Pat Roche Feis

Saturday – October 8th, 2016
Hall G
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
5555 North River Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018 (Meetings & Conventions)

Registration now open
Hilton Rosemont Chicago O'Hare
5550 N. River Road
Rosemont, IL 60018
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of a Legend

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Some thoughts and stories of Pat Roche
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Book Signing
at the Feis

Katie Flanagan
will be present signing
copies of her book

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The 2016
benefitting the
Les Turner ALS Foundation
Trinity Families,

This year the Pat Roche committee has decided to donate the proceeds of the Treble Reel to the Les Turner ALS foundation in honor of Trinidad extraordinaire Kevin Tighe and his family. The Tighe family has been a huge part of and supporters of the Trinity Family for almost 12 years. It is now our turn to take this opportunity and show our love and support to this amazing family.
We ask that each dancer at Trinity registered for the Pat Roche Feis also register for the Treble Reel. Even if you have registered already you can go in and add the Treble Reel to your registration. If you haven't registered yet, please make sure to include the Treble Reel in your dancers registration.
Those of you who can't (or don't want) to dance the Trebel Reel can still donate by supporting the
Walking for TI(ghe)ME team
at the 2016 ALS Walk for LIfe
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Pat Roche Feis
Perpetual Awards

The Chicago Pat Roche Feis is a living legacy to a great man. One way of telling his story to future generations of Irish dancers is through these annual awards.

"Century of Progress Perpetual Awards"

Perpetual Trophies awarded to the Championship winners of
710OC — U10 Girls
761OC — U11 Boys

Mark Howard, artistic director and founder of Trinity Academy of Irish Dance, donated these Art Deco style trophies to honor Pat Roche’s dedication to Irish dance during his earliest years in Chicago, a time when his knowledge of Irish dance and culture was called upon by the organizers of 1933-34 world’s fair, the Century of Progress. Reflecting Pat Roche’s younger years, these are awarded to the youngest Championship girl and boy dancers. Since the inception of this award, past winners are:

Girls: 2002 - Veronica Lilja O’Hare School
2003 - Veronica Lilja O’Hare School
2004 - Casey Stabosz O’Hare School
2005 - Patricia Dumke Norton-Healy School
2006 - Trinity Dent Norton-Healy School
2007 - Caitlin M O’Rourke O’Hare School
2008 - Kate Gallo Mulhern
2009 - Abbey Reynolds Cashel-Dennehy School
2010 - Claire Froman Trinity Academy
2011 - Sydney Niewiedzial Trinity Academy
2012 - Ellie Arnoldt Trinity Academy
2013 - Ellie Arnoldt Trinity Academy
2014 - Rowan Coyle Trinity Academy
2015 - Catherine McDaniels Mulhern
Boys: 2002 - Sean Keller Cross Keys
2003 - Tyler Schwartz Anam Mor
2004 - Neil O’Grady Hannah Sullivan School
2005 - Michael Putman Dennehy School
2006 - Tyler Schwartz Anam Mor
2007 - Aidan M Hartnett Trinity Academy
2008 - Peter Dziak Trinity Academy
2009 - Daniel Reidy Cross Keys
2010 - McKimmon Engelhardt McNulty School
2011 - Roman Donahue Dillon-Gavin
2012 - Tadgh Spillane Lavin Cassidy
2013 - Jude Flurry Muggivan School
2014 - Max Ehlers Cashel-Dennehy School
2015 - Ryan Peter Trinity Academy

"Pat Roche Memorial Perpetual Awards"

Perpetual Trophies awarded to the Championship winners of
719OC — 18+ Senior Ladies
768OC — 17+ Senior Men

These perpetual trophies were donated by the Pat Roche family to memorialize his lifelong commitment to Irish culture, and, most notably, his significant contributions and accomplishments as an Irish dance pioneer in the city of Chicago. Since the inception of this award, past winners are:

Ladies: 2002 - Katie Ellen Hughes Trinity Academy
2003 - Mallory Wendt O’Hare School
2004 - Maggie Putman Dennehy School
2005 - Maggie Putman Dennehy School
2005 - Maggie Putman Dennehy School
2007 - Clare Nix Dennehy School
2008 - Mallory Wendt Trinity Academy
2009 - Katie Grennan Trinity Academy
2010 - Ellen Harris Cashel-Dennehy School
2011 - Sarah Cherry Tir Conaill Academy
2012 - Meaghan Sweeney Mayer School
2013 - Megan Daly Mayer School
2014 - Megan Daly Mayer School
2015 - Megan Daly Mayer School
Men: 2002 - Brian Mullane Mullane Academy
2003 - Brian Mullane Mullane Academy
2004 - Brian Mullane Mullane Academy
2005 - Dan Medora Cashel-Dennehy School
2006 - Mickey Mahar Cashel-Dennehy School
2007 - Dan F. Medora Cashel-Dennehy School
2008 - Dan F. Medora Cashel-Dennehy School
2009 - Tyler Schwartz Anam Mor
2010 - Tyler Schwartz Trinity Academy
2011 - Tyler Schwartz Trinity Academy
2012 - Tyler Schwartz Trinity Academy
2013 - Evan Lowe O'Shea Irish Dance
2014 - Evan Lowe O'Shea Irish Dance
2015 - no award

"Harp and Shamrock Perpetual Award"

Perpetual Trophy awarded to the Preliminary Championship winner of
614PC—Under 14 Girls & Boys

In 2005, this perpetual trophy was donated by Trinity Academy for award to the U14 Preliminary Championship dancer. As the first ever perpetual award in this category, it is appropriately named for Pat Roche’s beloved Harp and Shamrock Club, considered the first organization to significantly influence and promote Irish dance and culture in Chicago and beyond.

2005 - Sylvie Render Tully School
2006 - Caitlin McDermott World Academy
2007 - Mary Kate Lawler Trinity Academy
2008 - Megan Sinclair Glencastle
2009 - Randy Dziak Trinity Academy
2010 - Rianna Smits Trinity Academy
2011 - Michaela Brennan Trinity Academy
2012 - Emeleeta Paintsill Mullane Healy Godley
2013 - Brianna McDonald Mayer School
2014 - Caitlin Seibel Cashel-Dennehy School
20145 - Kristin Fesmire Mayer School

"Pageant of the Celt"

Perpetual Trophy awarded to the Preliminary Championship winner of
609PC—Under 9 Girls & Boys
2013 - Kevin Forman Dillon-Gavin School
2014 - Catherine McDaniels Mulhern School
2015 - Gabriella Panther Trinity Academy

"The Peggy Roche-Boyle Dance-Off"

Perpetual Trophy awarded to winner of dance-off competition.
Eligible entrants are all 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners of each Preliminary Championship competition.

IIn 2007, this new perpetual trophy was donated by Trinity Academy for award to the winner of a “dance-off” between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from each of the Preliminary Championship competitions. As the first ever perpetual award in this category, it is named after one of Pat Roche’s daughters – Peggy Roche-Boyle, ADCRG – who taught with her father at the Pat Roche School of Irish Dancing. In 1982, upon her retirement, Peggy passed on her students to Mark Howard, ultimately forming the Trinity Academy of Irish Dance. Peggy Roche-Boyle remains active in the Chicago Irish Community and continues her support of Trinity Academy as the Honorary Co-Chair of the Chicago Pat Roche Feis.

2007 - Lindsey P Kelly Dillon-Gavin School
2008 - Caroline Cofoid Mulhern
2009 - Jacquelyn McGarrahan Clarkson
2010 - Michael Wall Cashel-Dennehy School
2011 - Hannah Guionnaud Clarkson
2012 - Kelly Reiling O’Shea
2013 - Katie Lamb Trinity Academy
2014 - Quinlyn Krupp Trinity Academy
2015 - Ayuna Lamb-Hickson O'Shea Irish Dance

Friends of Pat Roche are encouraged to join in continuing his legacy through the creation of additional perpetual awards to be added to the roster in coming years. Please use the link to contact the Feis Committee to discuss your ideas.